2005 -2019 Performer & Dance instructor in Indian dance – Kathak and Bollywood.

The dancer – Cathrine has danced indian dance since 1996 and teached children and adults privat and at FOF and DOF eveningclasses since 2005. She has 15 years experience as a performer and arranger of danceshows and workshops for birthdays, bachelor/ bachelorette parties, christmasparties, weddings and other happy parties, private and for companies in Denmark and India.

For instance mentioned : Copenhagen Carneval, Kulturhavn, Cph, Dansens Dage, Cph, Køge Library, The International Day, Cph, Indian International Day, Cph, Summerdance in Fælledparken, Cph, Holi Festival, Karouli. Danish Actor Federation, ACE Denmark, Technical Administration, Cph.

Teachers :
2012 Kathak –
Dr. Roly Bhardwaj, Hisar, India-
2005 – 2011 Kathak and Bollywood dance – Murari Lal Saini, Rajasthan, India-
2011 Kathak – Dr. Jyoti Goswami, Jaipur, India-
1996 – 2003 – Odissi, Bollywood and Oriental dance Lucy Bannon, Copenhagen –

KATHAK  –  “graceful twirls, breathtaking footwork, tantalising expressions”  

 As a classical dance form, Kathak has a long history. Kathak means a story teller and it developed as a dance form in which a solo dancer tells and interprets stories from mythology. In nritya, the expressional numbers called gats are danced by delicate glances of the eye and by using the art of mime. Themes from life are taken like enacting simple chores of carrying water from the well or walking gracefully, covering a face with a veil and looking through it in a tantalising manner at the lover. Nowadays, experiments are being carried out with group choreography exploring the dance form. Both men and women perform Kathak which is also used to present dance dramas of historical tales and contemporary events.The rhythmic structure is very important, by reciting it we give the audience an idea regarding the rhythmic pattern you dance according to the way you are reciting syllable.